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Technical DataA cable tester, consisted of a master and a remote, is designed to check LAN network and phone cables.Test sockets: RJ11 & RJ45Wiring schemes: T568A and T568B...
Technical Data • Low-Cost wiremap structured cabling test • Wiring Schemes: TIA568A, TIA568B and USOC • Fault Indicated: Short circuit pair, open circuit pair, short between pairs, pair reversals, transposed pairs and screen continuity • Sequencing Red/Green LED display indicates cable faults at bot..
Tester 430A is designed to detect signal at 2 and 8 MBits/s. LED Indicator No calibration is required   *2-3 Days Lead Time*..
Balun pin and polarity tester is designed to detect signal and round pins for baluns with RJ11 or RJ45 leads...
VFF5 Visual Fault Finder is designed to find breaks in the fibre cord, faulty splices or crimps poor components/connections. Technical Data • No calibration is required • Light Source: Class II Laser Diode • Wavelength: 650nm/+-10nm • Light Pulse Duration: Continuous in CW mode 600ms in 1Hz m..
Amplifier Probe is designed to identify and trace wires or cables within a group without damaging the insulation. • Works with any Tone Generator to identify wires • Recessed On/Off button to prevents battery drain • Battery low indicator • 9V Battery included  ..
The Lancaster is a professional structured cabling tester & troubler shooter designed to speed up on-site testing of data and voice networks. The tester identifies all common faults Technical Data Dimensions: 165 x 90 x 37mm Cable Type: UTP & STP Wiring Schemes: TIA568A/TIA568B, USOC ..
VDV II Pro is a completed Voice, Data & Video/Security testing functionality in one unit, designed for testing in residential and commercial environment. The LCD display is easy to read with Pass/Miswire indicators, wiremap display and troubleshooting modes including TDR for Pro version. Test..
FiberMaster is designed to measure fibre optic power in mW and dBm to test and troubleshoot active LANs. The tester is also measuring cabling loss with automatic calibration feature that stores reference power from any light source for quick dB loss calculations. Additionally the 1490nm wavelength m..
Brand: Ideal
This multifunction PRO tester is capable of testing both copper and fibre, eliminating the need to purchase and carry multiple different testers.A future-proof investment with NavTek II tester that is already IPv6 and PoE compatible. Testing Support LAN Testing over copper networks Detecting Po..
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